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Pennies for 


  Melissa's love for animals began at a young age. Whether she was outside singing to the birds or snuggling up with her cats, her connection to the animal kingdom was undeniable. 

  She began volunteering at local shelters: walking dogs, working with kittens, and fundraising. This continued in each city she has lived.

The more she learned about the hardships of rescue work, the more she felt pulled to help in a bigger way. Creating Pennies For Paws just felt right and she is so grateful for the positive response and support throughout the community.


Melissa is a movement & healing teacher, guiding others toward connecting to their heart and and their deep desire to feel love.  She believes that animals are our greatest example of pure unconditional love. They don't care how much money you have, what you look like, or where you've been...they see you. They don't judge. They feel your energy and they live in each moment. They are beautiful teachers to us.

At each drop off day, Melissa not only brings the donated items, but she spends time with the animals, learning each of their stories and taking photos to help spread the word. 

She is proud to have grown this non-profit and is looking forward to all the sweet animals that will now have a second chance at life.

"We are all one, and we are all deserving of love."

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